About Tanja


taja diamond

Hi, I am Tanja Diamond and I’m sure you want to know, why you should trust me with your loved friend.

In a world of the internet where anyone can write anything and everyone is a healer and energy “something or another” how can you judge?

Well the sad truth is, most humans can’t.

Most people have learned to disconnect from their feelings and intuition, and their inner knowing. Animals have not.

So I’ll make this simple. Your animal knows about energy and intent and YOU will know when you watch the friend you know so well respond to me.

I love the surprised look on the faces of the human friend as they watch their pets respond to what, at times, seems like nothing happening.


And if you truly believe there was no value for your animal, you owe me nothing. Yep, truth.


In the words of one of my clients, ” I do not know what you do, and do not want to know, but I know it works.”

She is a conservative medical doc and since she can not in her mind scientifically explain my work in her terms she prefers to just pretend she is not watching.

I have credentials in over 15 modalities of holistic bodywork, energy, hypnotherapy, NLP and assorted things but your animals could care less. Really, they are not impressed. They only know what they FEEL, and that is where I come in.


It wasn’t until Oprah, the movie “The Secret” and Quantum physics made people like me cool that I came out of the closet as an empathic energy healer although I have been doing it my whole life.

If you are so inclined you can read on about some of my life below or you can just contact me for an appointment and get your animal on its way to feeling better sooner than later.

Animal healing

A small part of my life 

I was raised with a German Shepard who was my best and sometimes only friend as we moved all over the world. I have travelled and lived on every continent.

We always had some pets of some kind or another and if we didn’t I made animal friends in the yard or bush or where ever I happened to be.

I think I was born with this gift because I have had it as far back as I can remember. I have an uncanny ability to see what was bothering animals physically and emotionally and when I was young I thought everyone saw what I did.

My mother tells a story of a 4 year old me and a very big blue headed lizard.


Apparently the lizard and I were eye to eye on the back porch in Lusaka, Zambia one sunny afternoon and I was talking to it as though it were human. My Mom said she started to wonder about me and then she saw something remarkable.

It looked to her as if the lizard was actually answering back! She watched fascinated as I asked the lizard about where he lived and he looked over at a specific tree and wagged his head. She continued to be stunned as I asked him about his right front foot and he lifted it up and seemed to show it to me.

She watched me reach out and touch his leg, She watched as he stayed still as I felt it gently and then closed my eyes and stayed still for a few moments while holding his foot. She said I let go of the lizards leg and he bobbed his head a few times and sauntered off.

She was motionless for a moment not understanding what had happened, until I looked at her and told her, that I had noticed he has a sore foot the other day and asked if he wanted help. I said he was better now and off I went with my dog who had laid beside me the entire time while I worked with the lizard.

blue headed lizard

I was a very sensitive child who grew up a sensitive person though I tried to fight it.

I have been working with animals my whole life, as I got older I learned to hide what I did when I found out other people didn’t see or feel what I did. I did not want to be a freak!

My friends knew me as the girl who would save any and all animals in distress and miss a plane if I was helping a squirrel finds its way out of town to a campus full of trees.

In the equestrian world I grew a reputation as a rogue rehabilitator, taking dangerous horses and “fixing” them. I started getting paid when I was 14 to help horses. At that time no one had a word for what I was doing and I quickly came up with scientific explanations so no one asked a lot of questions.

And though it is true I have a great eye for body position, gait alignment, pain gestures and expressions, and other subtle cues of problems it seems to me the issue are like neon signs.

Emotional distress is more than just anxiety, pets hold onto pain their people feel as well.

So as I worked with the animals I would work with their people as well.

I did this without touching them but just sensing where they were holding and feeling. Some pet’s people would sit and cry as I work with their animals telling me they felt like they were releasing so much emotion. They would all tell me they felt so good after their pet’s session.

At that time I made sure I always did hands on work with animals and called it bodywork. Very scientific about muscles, acupressure points, trigger point and more. Sometimes I think I was fooling myself more than my people clients though.

Until the day I met Lance. Lance was a horse who did not want anyone to touch him and he had bitten more people than anyone cared to think about. He was angry and unhappy.

Lance did not want me to touch him AT ALL. He was snarly and threatened me all the while his person apologized. I dodged all his antics which she was amazed by (she didn’t know my secret weapon was I knew what he was going to do before he did it).

An hour later I was sweaty, he was sweaty and I had to admit defeat. As she apologized and went to fetch her checkbook I took a step back and just stopped trying to DO anything. I put out my hands, palms towards him (I was 4 feet away from him) and just started breathing.

He responded almost immediately with some anger and as I did less, he relaxed more. I pulled my energy way back into my hands not streaming it out and he relaxed more. I didn’t notice when his person got back as I was so intent on controlling the amount of energy from my hands.

I worked on Lance from 4 feet away, and soon he was responding as though I was touching him-stretching, chewing, yawning, his lower lip hanging 6 inches down. He owner started crying and startled me.

I was embarrassed to be “caught” and told her I was sorry I couldn’t do anything for him. She looked at me as though I was crazy. She paid me twice what I charged and had me back everyday for two weeks.

Within a few days Lance could be touched and a month later he was as happy as any horse ever.  Turns out he had been so physically sore from an accident, he had  what I would call the horse equivalent to fibromyalgia.

He taught me a valuable lesson, there are animals that are so hyper energetically sensitive or in so much physical pain they can’t handle energy full blast. Lance refined my skills (Thanks Lance).

His owner taught me something valuable as well, she didn’t care what I did if it made her horse better. Even if she didn’t know what to tell her friends I did. And as it ended up she did tell her friends and the next thing I knew everyone wanted some.

People started calling me asking me to tell them about their animals past lives, to tell them about their dead pets last thoughts, to find other animals lost, to reunite litter mates, and all sorts of other things, most of which I had to say sorry.. no idea…

I tried to hide, however I was outed. This was before energy healing was popular and yes I did get some people firing me when they thought I was doing the devils work after hearing other stories.

The next big break through in my work was when a trainer called me from a horse show in Texas and asked me to work her clients horse because he wasn’t doing very well. He was a horse I had done a lot of work on in the past. I told her it was going to be expensive to fly me out for the weekend as I was in Washington state.

She told me to work on him from there, huh?

I knew this could be done as it was part of my training in Classical Tantra. Clssical Tantra is all about mastering energy. I had the training to harness energy and use it anywhere that I could allow myself to believe it so.

I agreed on the condition that if nothing happened they would not pay me. We agreed on a 2 pm (Texas) start time.

Understanding that energy is energy and it follows focus and intent, at the appointed time I sat down and visualized my horse client. Then I did what I always do with him with the one exception I started on the opposite side I usually do (perhaps this has to do with how I visualized him).

I did my work with him and even saw him respond with chewing, stretching, moving… it was like I was actually watching a real time movie of him. In fact I realized I could see the show grounds and the dirt and some people around although they were blurry like the lens I was seeing throug had Vaseline on it.

When I was done at 2:53 I took a deep breath, I felt as though I had just woken up. Then I went about my day and didn’t think about this again until a few weeks later when I got a check in the mail from the trainer and a note asking me to call.

She told me that they had the horse out at 1:57 and a few moments later her 5 year old daughter said, “hey look Tanja is working on Z” .

She told me the horse was responding as though I were touching him and she said at some point several people that were watching, remarked that it looked as though they could see his body squish as though someone were pushing on his skin and muscles. Her daughter said she could see my hands though they looked blurry.

The trainer went on to say the odd thing was I seemed to start on the opposite side of the horse than usual but went on to tell me the horse was as right as rain afterwards and went on to win his championship.

Life is interesting.

I have many such stories and others as well, all seem amazing to me and I am humbled when an animal allows me such trust.

For a few years I stopped working on animals and coached people instead. I did the occasional hands on energy work but never advertised this as my main calling.

Then one day one of my clients in one of my other businesses told me her dog was doing very poorly. She mentioned this to me because 6 months earlier I brought up I was worried about the dog and at that time she has told me there was no issues.

Apparently the dog stopped moving well and the vet said there was nothing to do because of the  arthritic damage to the spine. My client told me at this point the dog couldn’t walk and they were going to have a specialist look at her, though there was nothing to be done to fix her or maybe even have to put her down.

I quickly “checked in” with the dog (through my client) and told my client to bring her dog to my house the next day.

She had to carry the dog in and after working with Olive awhile, she let go of her pain and her worry that she couldn’t keep up with her people. She sighed a huge sigh and I encouraged her to get up. She did. Then she walked around the house and we lead her outside to move around.

I suggested a great accupuncturist I know and off they went. Apparently she is still mobile even as I write this. Of course she still has the damage and is not moving as a youngster, but she is able to be with her family and I check in to make sure her pain level is acceptable.

I decided that I need to do this again because of how it fills and nourished my soul as well as helps others. And here I am…. do come and see me.