When Love is Not Enough

Benefits your pet receives from a healing session

  • release emotional distress
  • release physical pain
  • relax anxiety
  • clear cellular memory of past trauma
  • assist in behavioral issues
  • speeds up healing from surgery or accidents
  • increased circulation and flexibility
  • scar tissue release
  • improved immune system
  • And it just plain feels great!


Animals I work with

All animals! I have helped companion animals, farm animals, even wild animals. Parrots, horses and dogs have been the majority of my clients, though I have worked with exotic such as a rhino and a wolf eel.

These healing methods work amazingly well on humans too.

Where we meet

I do sessions at my home on South Whidbey Island or travel to the animal depending on the case.

I also work over Skype and remotely depending on the circumstances and this typically is with established clients.



Healing methods I use

  • energy
  • empathic intuition
  • reiki
  • holistic observation
  • love
  • EFT
  • T-Touch
  • Bach Flower Remedies
  • emotional intelligence
  • tantra
  • common sense and 30 years experience


More about healing modalities see FAQ